Can You Steam Silk Clothing?

can you steam silk clothing

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In fact, it is recommended to steam clean silk clothing as opposed to ironing it as it has less chance of causing damage.

I’m sure if you’re wondering whether or not you can steam silk clothing, you’re also wondering how to do it?

Let’s discuss that below!

How To Steam Silk Clothing

a guy using a steamer on his shirt

Step 1

Place whichever silk garment you wish on a coat hanger and plug your steamer in. Once it is plugged in, give it however long it takes to heat up (steamers usually heat up in as little as 30 seconds) and press the power button to let it steam for a few seconds. This is to make sure that it correctly warmed up and ready to be used.

Step 2

Pull down on the bottom of your silk clothing to create tension throughout and at the same time run the steamer down the garment as if you were creating multiple columns. You may need to go over the same line twice to get it looking completely wrinkle-free. Most people mess up at this step by not pulling down and creating tension in the clothing.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the front of the clothing, it is time to turn it around and repeat the process on the back and on various other garments you wish to steam.

Tips & Tricks

Water On Clothing

If when you steam your silk garments you happen to get water drops on them then this is most likely due to the fact that that you haven’t given the steam enough time to heat up. It may also be caused because you are holding to steamer too close to the clothing.

Steaming VS Ironing

While steaming and ironing will bring you the same result when trying to get wrinkles out of silk clothing, a steamer is the better option due to the fact that it comes with fewer risks such us burning a hole in your silk garments.


If you follow the steps outlined in this article, your silk clothing will be completely wrinkle-free. Another great thing that was not mentioned in this article is the fact that you can also use a steamer to spot clean any stains that your clothes may have developed over time. 

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