Does Steam Cleaning Kill Mould In Carpet

does steam cleaning kill mould in carpet

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Does steam cleaning kill mould in carpets? Well, to Put it bluntly, YES. However, you have to make sure that you’re using a good steam cleaner that can reach very high temperatures. Most home units are in the 70 to 150 degrees Celsius or 150 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit range.

At the lower temperatures, the machine will not heat up high enough to be effective. Also, as you are working with water, it could make your mould problem even worse.

How To Steam Clean Mould In Carpets

To kill about 90% of the mould, you should steam the affected area for 15 to 20 seconds, on the highest possible setting.

But before you start, make sure that your machine doesn’t tend to leave things “wet” – this will make the things even worse. Ideally, you want to stick with models that can reach temperatures that are on the higher end of the spectrum.

Can A UV Light Help?

Probably not. UV lights take 1 to 2 hours to kill mould, so if you have to treat an entire carpet, it’s not the best option available.

However, if you only need to address one spot, you can turn on the UV feature on your steam cleaner and leave it to do its thing.

Is It Time To Get The Professionals In?

Depending on the size of the problem, you may need to call in the experts. Mostly because their steam cleaners are a lot more powerful than anything you can buy for use at home.

If you can’t handle your carpet mould problem on your own, check out Federation of Master Cleaners directory of approved cleaners or to see who’s available in your area.

How To Tackle The Problem Yourself

The good news is that a lot of appliances made for home use can tackle the mould. The Bad news is that none of the ones that you see at the local  supermarket will do the trick.

Here are 3 different steam cleaners that can remove mould and more.

1. Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

This machine is the best you can get without going for commercial models.
  • 160 degrees Celcius / 320 degrees Fahrenheit steam temperature.
  • 17 accessories for cleaning different surfaces.
  • No need to shut down the machine to refill with water.
  • Safe to use on any surface or material.
  • A lifetime warranty on the stainless steel boiler.

2. Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner

Small yet still versatile and powerful. The best option for those who want quality with a tight budget and smaller dwellings.
  • Dry steam up to 135 degrees Celsius / 275 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 17 piece accessories kit for cleaning multiple surfaces and materials.
  • Very light and easy to manoeuvre. Stores easily in smaller spaces.
  • The floor cleaner attachment fits a regular cleaning cloth – no need to purchase replacements.
  • 50 minutes of cleaning on a single refill.

3. The Beldray

The best amongst its peers.
  • Steadily maintains steam temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius / 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ready to use in 25 seconds.
  • Easy to store, light to manoeuvre.
  • Flexible hinge for reaching under the furniture.
  • Additional attachments for steaming upholstery, mirrors, glass and clothes.


When it comes to getting mould out of your carpet, your best bit is to either buy one of the three options that I have outlined above or give the professionals a call and get them to take care of it for you.

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